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Elephants injured by poachers’ poison arrows reach out to humans for help


Humans haven’t exactly been friends to animals. We have mostly used them, for food, for fur, leather and circus entertainment. But not all of us are the same. There are organisations that care about animals and work towards their betterment. And it’s good to know that animals know the difference.

A wild elephant and two of his friends were attacked and injured by poachers who used poison arrows in Kenya, Africa. Although attacked by humans, the elephants trusted another group of humans to make them better and sought their help. These group of people are called the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT).

According to a report in The Dodo, the wild elephant although had not been a resident at DSWT, knew other elephants who had lived there. The injured elephants trusted DSWT to be friendly and travelled through Kenyan wilderness to reach them for help.

The injured elephant had even mated elephants from DSWT earlier and had fathered children.

He returned to Ithumba Reintegration Centre and DSWT treated him and his two friends.

The update on DSWT website reads the following:

“…On closer inspection the Keepers were distraught to see that both Mwende’s father and two of his bull friends had septic arrow wounds.  We  are sure that Mwende’s father knew that if they returned to the stockades they would get the help and treatment they needed because this continuously happens with the injured bulls in the north; they all come to Ithumba when in need, understanding that there they can be helped.” 

The injured elephants were treated and according to a report in Ryot.


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