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Hwange elephant poisoning update – Death toll reaches 100 elephants


Largest elephant poisoning on record

September 2013. Since the original discovery of 41 elephant carcasses in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park last week, a further 60 carcasses have now been discovered in what is believed to be the worst mass poisoning of elephants on record.

The latest reports from the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force (ZCTF) state that the number of elephants poisoned by cyanide in Hwange National Park continues to rise daily, and now some 100 carcasses have been found.

Several of the poachers have already received 15 year sentences and have received fines of between $200,000 & $600,000. National Parks and Wildlife Authority believe these sentences will be a deterrent to would be poachers.

Water holes not yet tested
The most frightening part of this is that although all the water holes have not yet been tested for cyanide, it is known that at least 2 were contaminated. This means that any animal that drinks from these water holes will die and any carnivores that feed on the carcasses will also die.

ZCTF are expecting the death toll to keep rising.

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