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Mauritius Monkey exports – disturbingly on the increase


The BUAV through its  Save Our Monkeys campaign has expressed deep concerns following the emergence of the latest figures that show between January and September 2014 monkey exports from Mauritius totalled some 6,591 unfortunate animals destined for cruel and barbaric animal experiments. This shockingly amounts to more animals than in the whole of the previous year – monkey exports totalled 6,054 during 2013.

Monkey exports – the appalling truth

monkey exports

Shamefully the “idyllic” holiday destination of Mauritius is one of the world’s largest breeders and suppliers of primates for the cruel international research industry. The island contains many breeding farms , holding thousands of monkeys, many of whom are captured from the wild.(see Mauritius breeding monkeys for animal experimentation) These desperate creatures are abused as breeding units producing offspring making up the numbers of monkey exports – these are transported in appalling conditions to vivisectionists across the world.



Monkey exports – the increasing public dismay

The Save Our Monkeys campaign has been instrumental in raising public awareness and support within Mauritius and internationally. At present and only helped by the emergence of appalling monkey suffering at the Max Planck Institute (see Max Planck Institute – the barbaric and shameful truth), public support for a ban on breeding and monkey exports is exceptionally high.

monkey exports

There is now an opportunity to end the suffering inflicted on the country’s monkey population – now is the time to approach the new Prime Minister Sir Anerood Jugnauth and make him aware of the international disgust and outrage his country is attracting.

Make no mistake this shameful Mauritian industry is the lifeblood of the horrific primate experimentation industry. To hit the vivisectionists this must be taken out. To further this end please sign the BUAV petition Please stop the cruel trade and export of monkeys for research

Main Photo: (Save our Monkeys Mauritius)

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