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Safari operators join forces to stop lion bone trade


Singita, &Beyond, and Great Plains Conservation are among the safari companies that are urging government not to allow any trade in lion bones.

Safari companies, including Singita, &Beyond, and Great Plains Conservation, have taken a stand against the recent announcement by the South African government that a quota of 800 skeletons of captive-bred lions would be allowed for export annually.

The three safari companies, and one other, have made a formal submission to the government outlining why any trade in lion bones should be stopped, in a five-page document, signed by the CEOs of the four companies.

According to the operators, any legal trade in captive-bred lion bones opens up a channel for traders to launder illegally obtained bone from wild lions. Furthermore, the resulting reputational damage to South Africa as a tourism destination will be significant and the loss of lions within reserves and regions will also be devastating, the operators warn.

Together with a large number of submissions made by other NGOs and civil society to the South African government, the safari companies believe that their contribution will assist the cause by placing additional pressure on those making these far-reaching trade decisions.

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