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Elephants in the Press

Since 2000, Save the Elephants has been running the world’s only free email elephant news service dedicated to disseminating daily news stories, publications and resources on both the Asian and African elephants. This service is run by researcher Melissa Groo, based in the United States. Between the two news services our email list has grown to over 1000 members worldwide including scientists, students, conservationists, policy makers, park mangers and zookeepers.

Spreading knowledge about elephants through all media is an important priority for STE. In doing so we are increasing conservation awareness both amongst those that live with elephants and around the world. All articles, stories and publications from our news service are stored in a free library on our website which is a huge resource for elephant enthusiasts all over the world.

To be subscribed in any of the news lists (or both), please send an email to with the subject “Request African/Asian (as appropriate) Elephant” or “Request Both”.
Please visit Save The Elephants for more information.